Friday, May 7, 2010

We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day today. Spring has come back around and it feels as though new beginnings are in the air. A good time to try the whole blog thing again. I know I have to stop letting my perfectionism stop me from just getting to it. I suppose I can apply that to a lot of things in my life. So, that's that, and here goes.

The girls and I took a walk to my favorite thrift store today. I found a lovely vintage curtain set for $2. We ladies are going to look just dandy in it on Sunday, all matchy-matchy. There is just enough fabric there for the three of us.

I also got a sweet pale yellow dress for Nelly for 25 cents. A few miscellaneous books and some chunky beaded necklaces that Nelly just had to have rounded out the trip. It is good to get out with my girls and enjoy the sun, and a few great buys make it all the better.

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