Monday, September 27, 2010

Jack-o-Lantern Jug

Here's a fun little project that took absolutely no time, money, or talent. Just the way

I like things.

Start with an empty juice bottle. A gallon size water or milk jug would do too. Really

any container could work, but I especially like the apple juice jug because of the green


Just draw your spooky face with a permanent marker. Fill the jug with water and food

coloring if you are going to display it, or mix up some orange juice or Tang and add a

fun touch to your breakfast table.

(I really did this for the kids, and they do like it. But it's my husband has had the most fun with it, always asking for more pumpkin guts to drink.)


  1. oh! ok now i get it. i didn't before but now i do

  2. Very cute. That would be great on the breakfast table!